Ella Son is a multidisciplinary textile designer focused on color and material interactions. 



Interactive Space
This project was the individual project as part of the studio and seminar class from Public Art and History taught by Janet Zweig. It was for the specific site in Providence, Rhode Island, and actualized temporary works sited in Providence. The project was mainly focused on the story of the interactive conversation between humans and space with the textile woven piece and created a new sensory experience through woven pieces in the public space. Having grown up in a large city, I’d never lived in a small town city and it inspired me to think about the definition of space, the actual function of space for people, and how space affects human cognition and perception. I thought the textile could be a great provider as a piece to bring joy to people with miscellaneous elements such as the density of the pattern, colors, warp, and weft interaction. As they see it - they can make a new visual sensory experience and make a “new space” with their perception and languages.