Ella Son is a multidisciplinary textile designer focused on color and material interactions. 






Ella Son is a multidisciplinary textile designer focused on color and material integration design and studied MFA in Textiles Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).    

Her work stems from the concept of observation as a multi-sensory process.
She synthesizes her impressions of cities and reinterprets them through abstract textural form in weaving, drawing, and painting. The congestion, dynamism, architectural phenomena, and immensity of cities are significant inspirations for her work. 

Throughout her hand painting and drawing works, Ella emphasizes people’s busy movement with expressive brush strokes and bold marks. She also emphasizes color phenomena inspired by the light and shadow on the architectural window surface through her pattern works. In her woven pieces, she uses repetition to express the geometry of building facades, windows, and their reflectivity. When she’s weaving, stacking thread, yarns, and ropes as wefts in repeated continuous motion reminded of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan pedestrians. 

Moreover, color has been a great passion for her work.
She believes colors are a sensing experience and she emphasizes the theory of Chromointerférence and Transchromie by Carlos Cruz-Diez focusing on how color is affected by subtraction when superimposing the structure.

She believes that the city is not just a concrete jungle, but rather a cycle of constant change and repetition. She hopes to express the beauty of the city’s energy and liveliness through her works.